Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Richard's birthday

It has been a while since I updated my food blog. I really feel bad, but I don't get a chance to cook as much as I like to anymore. Usually, I get home earlier and have time to cook. But lately, I always stayed late at work. Life has been quite hectic. Well enough with all the excuses and my busy life. Since it was my nephew's birthday yesterday, I took the opportunity and cooked some dishes. The food was delicious. Everyone enjoyed it at the party.

Check out the whole table

Birthday cake

Vietnamese congee - Chao' Lo`ng

Noodles to be eating with other dishes like meat and egg rolls

shrimp egg rolls
Vietnamese grilled meat

My older's sister famous BBQ ribs. I need to get the recipe from her.

Banh' Ddu'c
Chicken wings
Dessert - ba'nh tam
3 color jelly drinks

The whole table taken from the other side


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