Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shrimp Stuffed Crab Claws

I just made this yummy new appetizer. Last week I made this dish and brought it to a birthday party at my parents house. Everyone loved it. It was gone in second. I owed it to Ms. Chom Chom. Her recipe was so easy to follow. Below is the link to her recipe.


Four pounds of shrimp, I can make about 32 shrimp stuffed crab claws.

After you stuffed the crab claws into the shrimp paste, you want to steam them for 3 minutes so they stick together.

Then they can be fried in canola oil.

Pat them dry on a paper towel.

Check them out.
The whole platter of shrimp stuffed Crab claws. Yummy!

Since the recipe is in Vietnamese, I will translate it in English.
- 1 pound of shrimp (size 30-35)
- 8 crab claws
- 2 scallion head (only use the white portion)
- 2 teaspoons tapioca flour
- 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
- 1 TSP olive oil
- 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, salt, pepper and minced garlic (Add more if you like)
- bread crumb ( I used Japanese panko bread)
- 1 egg white
- Canola oil (for frying)

1. Wash and devein shrimp.
2. Rinse Shrimp with salt and cold water until clean.
3. Dry shrimp with paper towel
4. Add the following ingredients (white portion of scallion head, tapioca flour, olive oil, sugar, salt, pepper, and minced garlic) to shrimp and use the food processor and make them into a shrimp paste.
5. Scoop out the shrimp mixture and put in a container (I put overnight in the freezer.)
6. Put the shrimp mixture back to the food processor the next day, and pulse it a few time.
7. Divide the shrimp paste into 8 portions, and stuffed the shrimp paste with crab claws.
8. Steam them for 3 minutes
9. Dip the steam shrimp stuffed crab claws with egg whites and coat them with panko bread crumb.
10. In a small saucepan, pour canola oil in. When the oil is ready, fry the shrimp stuffed crab claws.
11. Serve with plum sauce. Done. Good Luck!


Hailey Van said...


ch3rri said...

I love to eat them! But only get to eat them at a wedding. Thanks for sharing.

Krissy @ The Food Addicts said...

everyone must've been so impressed and proud of you that you made this!! your shrimp crab claws look really professionally done.. even nicer than the ones i see at weddings in those chinese restaurants. great job!

Zoe said...

Hailey - They were awesome.

Ch3rri - It's not that hard to make. You should try it.

Krissy - Oh yes. There were impressed alright. I am even proud of myself . LOL :-)

choeum said...

Where can you fine those crab claws?

Zoe said...

i bought crabs at the Korean grocery, and then use the crab claws for this dish.