Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mango & Jackfruit - Home Made Ice Cream

Last month, my hubby bought an ice cream maker for me. Wow! The whole idea of making my own ice cream does not really make sense to me. Why? I said to myself. I could of just gone to any grocery stores and bought some. I have been staring at that ice cream maker for the longest time.

Here is my first home made ice cream - Mango and Jackfruit flavor. Voila` . Yummy!

Why make your own ice cream? Well, there are many advantages of making your own ice cream. The first one I can think of is you have control over the amount of FAT and SUGAR you put in your ice cream. In addition, you can pick the freshest fruits you like and create any exotic flavors of ice cream you want. Being able to choose your own ingredients give you the option of creating rich and tasty low fat versions of your favorites. Also, you can adjust or add anything to suit your taste. And the most important reason for me was FUN. I have so much FUN during the whole process of making my own ice cream. :-)



column01 said...

hi zoe, whr did u buy this cuisinart mixer? I asked around in Singapore but they said they dont carry it here. I also went thru your honeycomb cake but wonder the baking powder that u mention "a small packet" could I know how many grammes actually pls. Thanks.
My email is

Zoe said...

I bought the cuisinart mixer at Williams-Sonoma. For the honeycomb cake,a small packet of baking powder is about 2 1/2 teaspoons. Hope that help.


Miriam said...

For the icecream, what are the ingredients you used? I couldn't see them here.
I'd like to make ice cream with non fat milk and fruit but no sugar. is that possible with this icecream maker?

Zoe said...

Miriam, Anything is possible. If you don't try, you will never know right? If you don't use the heavy cream, then it will definitely not as creamy compare to store brought. This was my first attempt at making ice cream. Check out this link. I guess you can substitute any fruit with mango.

Good luck!