Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cooking in the month of January

Vietnamese Honey Comb Cake

Chicken Wings

Baked Talapia with lemongrass & Chilli Peppers

Roasted Pork, Shrimps and Rice Noodles and Herbs.

Pigs in the blanket

Ready to put in the oven.

Pizza and pigs in the blanket.

Hawaiian pizza with Pineapple
Thin slice of pizza

Pork and pineapple with yummy sauce

Coffee and patechauds for breakfast


Closer up

Ready for the oven

Want to try?

Almonds and Craneberries Biscotti

Banana and Blueberries muffins

Banana and cranberries big muffin

All wrapped and ready

Bitter melon and stuffed pork

Rotisserie cornish hen

Thai Chicken Curry with French Bread

Here is the whole pot.

Tofu and veggies pasta

Braised Salmon



Ravenous Couple said...

my gosh you've been cooking up a storm! the patechaud and banh bo chien looks great!

Zoe said...

I am crazy huh? I guess when you are in the mood to cook, then nothing can stop you :-)

Anonymous said...

Necessity is the mother of invention..........................