Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! May the New Year brings your families and loved ones with peace, prosperity and happiness.

This bowl of Vietnamese crab soup will warm you up on a cold and freezing day.

This plate will add more flavors to your soup: Bean sprouts, cilantros, slices of limes, and chili peppers.

I made a whole big pot of crab soup with tomatoes, crab meats, tofu, and others ingredients as well.

This Chinese herbs medicine braised with chicken pot will give you a healthy start for the New Year.

The chicken is infused with all the wonderful Chinese Herbs. Plus I added rice wine.

And last but not least, may the new year bring you lot of lucks and happiness like these smiling steamed rice cakes. :-)


Anonymous said...

thanks for your share..................................................

phome said...

i want to die and go to heaven where i will be able to eat everything that you cooked and posted here!

Zoe said...

You don't have to die and go to heaven. All you have to do is learn the recipe and you can do it yourself. Thank you for your compliment.