Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mi Vit Tiem - Chinese Roasted Duck Egg Noodle Soup

It's snowing so hard today. I think we will get up to 1 foot of snow. I want to make some sort of soup that will warm me up. I decided to make Chinese roasted duck egg noodles soup. After this bowl of soup, you feel so warm all over.

Check it out.
This bowl for my hubby.

Different types of herb.

Roasted Duck in my oven.

It's ready.

Pretty color huh?

Hubby is chopping the duck into smaller pieces.

Here you go.



ch3rri said...

You roasted the duck from scratch? I have one of those oven...I'm going to try to roast my own duck next time...looking so good....hehe

Zoe said...

No. I don't have time to roast the duck from scratch. My brother gave me the duck, but I did not have a chance to eat it so I put in the freezer. When I took it out, I noticed there were a lot of FAT in it. Therefore, I put in my oven. :-) I am not that sie^ng .

phome said...

this soup remains in my memory. i used to go to a vietnamese restaurant and only ever ordered this because it was so bomb!!! i l-o-v-e love egg noodle wonton soup duck anything! so glad i found your blog. is that the showtime rotisserie oven(?) ive heard good things...

Zoe said...

Yes. It's a showtime rotiseerie oven. It's great. I love it.