Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiramisu - Italian Dessert

We had a Christmas pot luck luncheon at work yesterday, and I made tiramisu. Since one of the member in our group prefers tiramisu without eggs, I decided to use Gert's recipe. Her tiramisu recipe has no eggs in it. And instead of RUM I used coffee liqueur. It was perfect.

It was a challenge looking for lady fingers at the grocery stores. Therefore, I baked them from scratch.

After I put the cake together, it was placed in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, I garnished them with strawberries and blueberries. This was a great idea. Pretty huh? :-)

Ta taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....DONE.

Check it out.

Delish! Everyone loved it. Yummy................

Below is the recipe from Gert.

Ingredients :

2 tub 8oz mascarpone cheese
1 tbsp of coffee liqueur ( I put 2 tbps)
8 tbsp of sugar (you can add more)
450 ml of heavy cream (I used 4 cups)
1 cup of hot strong brewed coffee
1/4 cup of dark rum (I don't have dark rum so I did omit this.)
48 lady fingers (more or less) ---I baked my own since I can't find them anywhere.
unsweetened cocoa powder

Decoration :

Strawberries, raspberries and lady fingers ( Instead of raspberries, I used blueberries.)

1) In a mixing bowl whisk the whipping cream with 4 tbsp of sugar until firm peak. set aside.
2) In a second mixing bowl cream the mascarpone, coffee liqueur and 4 tbsp of sugar
3) Fold the whipping cream into the mascarpone cheese and set aside
4) Mix the coffee and dark rum. Dip lady fingers into coffee mixture and place in the bottom of the baking dish or spring form pan.
5) Spread some cream cheese mixture over the ladyfingers and dust with cocoa powder.
6) Dip some ladyfingers into coffee mixture and repeat step '5' again.
7) Cover and refrigerate tiramisu overnight.
8) Just before serving decorate it with some cocoa powder or fresh fruits.


ch3rri said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm...can i have some? The strawberry look so fresh. Cake must tastes really good with the strawberry. :)

Zoe said...

I will save you a piece next time I make it again. It's all gone now dear :-). Having fruits with tiramisu definitely was a great idea. The first time I made Tiramisu it was just plain, no fruit whatsoever. I just hate the fact that I can't find lady fingers anywhere :-(.

ICook4Fun said...

That is one beatiful cake. Glad that you and your guest likes it. By the way, I am still waiting for me to email me your address for the Xagave Giveaway. Thanks.