Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Cooking

This week I cooked only a few dishes. Check them out.

I just learned how to make Vietnamese Nem Chua with ham . Nem Chua is a Vietnamese cured pork sausage with pork rind.

Canh Chua -- Vietnamese sour fish soup

Rau Muong - Morning Glory (空心菜)
Vietnamese ground pork stuffed in Tomatoes.

Taro Popsicle

Blueberry cake
Asian Pears from my pear tree . This was the first time it bears fruit . I love the crisper juicy taste.


Anonymous said...

Can you please post your recipe for the vietnamese nem chua? thanks.

Zoe said...

I have no idea where I get this from. It's not my recipe. It has been so long. Anyway, below is the recipe.

Nem Ham Chua (Ham version)
1 1/2 lbs smoked ham
1 bag frozen cooked pork skin shredded
1 bag nem seasoning (Nam powder seasoning mix) you can find it in any Asian supermarket.
1 tbsp “thi’nh ga.o” (roasted rice flour)
3 cloves, Fresh garlic
3 hot peppers,
1 tsp black pepper
and 3 tsp. white sugar
Dice ham and ground 3 times. Thaw pork skin, rinse 3-4 times to clean. Blanch and put in colander to dry, then chop in small pcs. Mince Garlic, about 3 tsp.
slice (thin) hot pepper
Mix all the ingredients together. Continue to mix for 15 to 30 mins,(non stop)the longer the better. Transfer to a clean container packed well, covered. Keep in refrigerator overnight.
Next day take it out cut in to pieces as desired, wrap them in plastic wrap individually …keep in refrigerator.
There you have it, Enjoy!