Friday, August 28, 2009

Red Bean Sticky Rice Express -- Xôi đậu đỏ

Xôi is a dish that made out of glutinous sticky rice. It can be a sweet or savory depend on the ingredients you put in it. It comes in a variety of topings. In Vietnam, people eat this for breakfast. I just learned an express way of making this dish from Chi. Nguyệt Thy.

salt, sugar, peanuts and roasted sesame seeds.
Red Kidney beans

I bought kidney beans in a can . This way it will cook faster.

After you cook the sticky rice with the liquid from the kidney beans can for a few minutes, you mix them with the beans.

Then steam it for about 30 mintues, and you will have a great breakfast :-)

1 can of kidney beans (I used 29 oz can)
2 cups of sticky rice
shreaded coconut (use as a garnish)
peanut, sesame, sugar, and salt
1 can of coconut milk or oil

1. Use the liquid from the kidney beans can.
2. Boil the liquid and a little bit more water in the sauce pan.
3. Add 2 cups of sticky rice.
4. Cook for 2-5 minutes (don't cook too long.)
5. Drain the liquid from the pot.
6. Mix it with the beans
7. Steam for 30 minutes
8. Add in the coconut milk (I only use the coconut cream portion. If you don't like coconut milk, you can add in a little bit of oil.)
9. Garnish with shredded coconut and peanuts and sesame seeds