Monday, September 7, 2009

Chảy Giò Chạo Tôm --- Hè Sô

My Mother-in-law is famous for her Chảy Giò Chạo Tôm dish. Every time we have a party, this would be the first dish that will be finished within half an hour. Basically, it's egg rolls chopped up in small pieces. The fillings is consist of shrimp paste, a little bit of ground pork, 5 spice power, eggs, salt, pepper,sugar, jamica, chestnut, shallot, scallion, and white onion. I followed her recipe, but added a little bit of fish sauce.

Check out the fillings.

Put a little bit of filling in the middle of the egg roll wraper, and start rolling.

This dish can be made in advance and keep them in the fridge.

Put a plastic between each rolls so they won't stick.

Voila`, they are ready to be fried.

Check them out.

I like my more crispy so I deep fried a little bit more.

They are so yummy, and crunchy. You can't eat just one.



Kiwi Nguyen said...

Oh I will try to make egg rolls in this new way. Thank you! It's very interesting. You know I always make them in original way: wrap the roll shorter with 2 ends folded, fry first before cut or just let it be and bite

Zoe said...

Yeah, try it. You might like it. It's always good to learn something new. :-)


Kiwi Nguyen said...

I'm glad that you replied my comment, Zoe. Also, thanks for the lemongrass Chk stir-fry recipe. My Ong xa really likes it.