Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We decided to stay in on Valentine's Day since we just want a relaxing day. My orchids started to bloom again.

I love this purple orchid because all the flowers are line-up in a single file. They are so beautiful.

For breakfast, I made heart shape eggs in a nest.

It's really easy to make. All you need is bread, egg, cookie cutter, butter, salt & pepper.

For lunch, I made lobster with ginger and scallions.

Two lobsters is ready to be served.
We had this with rice.

For dinner, I made Vietnamese beef soup (bun bo hue).

Here is the whole thing with veggies, limes, extra beef, bean sprout, ect.

For dessert, I made coconut flan. It's very yummy.

It's always good to have a little of sweet after dinner.


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Anonymous said...

Can I come to your house next year for Valentine's Day? I can see you did a better job than any eatery would have, all in the comfort of your home. I owned a flower business for years but my flowers didn't look as good as yours!