Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food we had while on vacation in Las Vegas & San Diego

During our vacation in Las Vegas and San Diego, we had a variety of different cuisines. We had Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, American, and Mexican food. Of course I did not have a chance to take all the pictures. However, I did capture some. Check them out.

Moon cakes

Different variety of moon cakes...

American food - Good old Pastrami sandwich which I shared with my girl friend.
Chinese Cuisine
I forgot the exact name of this dish. It suppose to be Tofu dish, but when the waitress brought it out it's look more like eggs. It's not exactly what we have in mind. It's different :-)

Steam Fish with Scallions and Ginger.

Chinese Brocolli top with marinated beef.

Seafood noodles.

Wonton soup.

Vietnamese Cuisine
Singapore noodles with seafood

Seafood soup noodle - hu tieu my tho

Rice with grilled pork and eggs.

The whole menu - sweet & sour soup, deep fried shrimps, vietnamese salad...

Closer look at the Vietnamese salad with Shrimp chips.

Summer rolls with hoisin/peanut sauce.

Beef noodles - pho

Italian Cusine

Strawberry cheesecake

Pita breads and dip





spaghetti & meatball

seafood spaghetti . I am sure they have another name for it, but I forgot :-)

Indian Cuisine



Ji said...

Thanks for the great vacation together! You were a perfect vacation company, and sweet dear friend.
We sure shared some good food together, the dim sum and pastrami sandwich were just two high lights, really enjoyed them very much.
Let's do this again!

Zoe said...

Yes. We sure had a blast.