Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pear Drinks - Part II

I went to my MOM's house last weekend to pick more pears since I ran out of last batch of pear drinks that I made last time. It was so much fun picking pears. She has tons of them . I just keep picking them before I realized it was too many. Isn't this crazy? :-)

She has four different pear trees. This one even crawled on her roof.

I just think it's out of control. Pears everywhere.

This is another branch hanging off the side of her window.

Close up time. Some of the pears are quite big actually.

More pictures.

It's the same recipe I made last time with the pear drinks. This drink is very good for you. Infact, if you have coughing problem this drink will definitely cure it.


ICook4Fun said...

My gosh, that is a lot of pears. How do you finish all of it? By the way, can I have your e.mail? I wanted to invite you to join Foodbuzz.

Zoe said...

Yes. Isn't it crazy? My Mom just called and asked me to go and pick again. :-) What's foodbuzz?


AnneNguyen said...

Truc Vi oi*... I'm in MD, too, but our garden don't look like your Mom's. Your Mom must have not just a green thumb, but the magic touch with the pears. Do you think your Mom needs some help eating the pears?

Zoe said...

oh yeah? Where do you live in MD? Even my garden don't look like my MOM :-( My MOM gave a lot of Pears away to the people in her neighborhood. :-)