Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bánh đúc Mặn - Rice Flour Cake

Bánh đúc is a cake made from either non-glutinous rice flour. It is typically garnished with savory ingredients such as ground pork, tôm chấy (grilled ground shrimp),fried onions, and cilantro . There are tons of different version out there. My Mother-in-law showed me how to make her version last week. It was very good.

She loves mung bean . Therefore, she garnished with mung bean, dry shrimps. I added fried shallots later on. This can be served with lemony fish sauce.

1 bag of rice flour
2 TB of Tapioca starch
3 TB of sugar
1 ts of salt
1 can of coconut
1 can of chicken broth
5 cups of water
1. Put rice flour, Tapioca starch, sugar and salt into a pot and mix them up.
2. Add water and stir to make sure it not to stick and not too loose.
3. Turn on high heat.
4. When it boils, stirring until it cooked. (You have to contanstly stirring so the flour won't stick to the bottom of the pan.)
5. Spread flour out on the tray and let it cool.
1) Dry shedded shrimps
2) Finely chop Scallions with olive oil
3) Chinese saussages (cut into small pieces) -- optional
4) Fried Shallots
5) Serve with fish sauce
1) Spread the toping over the cake.
2) Add cilantro finely chop on the top.

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