Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Mom's garden

Last week I went over my Mom's house to visit her . I couldn't help but admire her garden. Every year when Summer time comes, she loves to grow a variety of flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Pretty flower huh?

This is a Vietnamese vegetable called Bạc Hà . You can use to this cook Vietnamese sour soup, canh chua.

Thai's basils.

Vietnamese mints.

Bitter melon.

cây hồng do`n.

Asian Pears.

Another kind of Asian pears.

Pumpkin? I don't think this is the American pumpkin though.

Variety of Vietnamese herbs.

String beans and Thai's chilli peppers.

Another type of melon. I have no idea what type.

Dong gua = Winter Melon.

Here is another winter melon.

Vietnamese water spinach = rau muống .

She has a lot more of other herbs, veggies, but I think I have enough pictures for the day.


Thuyhai said...

I love the garden.

Zoe said...

Me too. I enjoyed it a lot.