Friday, June 13, 2008

Grilled Pork, Shrimps, MONK Fish and Dills

The first time I had dill, I can't even stand the pungent smell. After a few times eating it, I think I am used to it. Infact, I love it. A friend of mine has introduced me a type of fish called "MONK FISH". I said to myself, what the heck is MONK FISH? Was it because in its previous life its somehow associated with a MONK, and then its got reincarnated and become a fish? :-) Anyway, I have decided to cook MONK FISH. We had this for dinner last night. This is typical a Vietnamese cuisine. As you can see below, we have thin white noodles, seseme white crackers, peanuts, along with cucumbers, basils, and mints. You can eat it like that and put some Vietnamese fish sauce over it or you can simple wrap it up in a rice paper skin which is very similiar to a summer roll. It was very good. The verdict? I don't like MONK FISH that much. I mean the meat is kind of tough. Infact, its tasted more chicken but more mild. I would definitely cook the same dish but use different fish next time. However, I am glad I did try MONK FISH. Now I can said, Yeah...I tried it before. It wasn't all that great, but eatable. :-)

This is a closer shot of the presentation of a dish.

This is close up of the MONK FISH dish with Dills.

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