Sunday, December 10, 2017

Steamed Snapper with Ginger and Scallion

Did I mention how much I love my instant pot? Yesterday, I have the craving for steamed fish, and went to the market to get a snapper.  After I cleaned and patted it dry, I marinated with salt and pepper, and added a few slices of ginger and scallion to the belly.  Then add a little bit of wine to get rid of the fishy smell along with a little bit of seseme oil.  Then I put in the microwave for 10 min, then pour away the water that came out from it. 

-1 snapper
-salt & pepper
-cilantro and some scallion (for garnish)
-shallot & garlic

-soy sauce
-chicken broth or water
-seseme oil

To make the sauce:
-Wok/Pan/ add oil and minced garlic/shallot (took some out and put aside .  You can put some to garnish the fish later.
-Add ginger
-Add chicken brother and water
-Add seseme oil and sugar
Note: the sauce should be sweet and not so salty.

Method: To steam the fish in IP, check out the steps below.
1. Put one cup of water in the instant pot.
2. Add the trivet and put the stainless steel plate with fish. (You might have to cut the fish in half to fit in the IP)
3. High Manual 12 min. Quick Release
4. Garnish with scallions & Cinlantros
5.  Then pour the sauce over the fish
6. Enjoy!

Here is my instant pot steamed fish in 12 minutes. YUM!

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