Monday, May 27, 2013

BBQ Ribs

Today is Memorial Day, and hubby and I feel like having BBQ Ribs.  We saw safeway's was having a sale in Ribs and bought a slab of rib.  We marinaded with dried rub overnight and slow cook it for four hours.  The meat practically falls off the bone. It was so delicious!!!

I want to have some salads so I made this platter for myself.

We still have some left over and will have it for lunch as well.

Ingredients: Dried Rub (mix together)
1 large handful (1/3) cup of brown sugar
2 TB oregano flakes/thymes
1 TB pepper
1 +1/2 salt
Pepper flakes
Garlic powder
Cummin (pinch)
Cayenne pepper (1/2 tsp)
Smoke pakrika (3TB)
Orion powder (2TB)
Mesquite seasoning (handful)

-Wash and clean the slab of rib.
-Gently place the tip of a knife in between the thin membrane and one of the bones at the end.
-Pull straight up to remove the membrane in one piece.
-Put all the dried rub all over the rib.
-Marinade it overnight
-Put in 250 degree oven and slow cook it for 4 hours.
-Add your favorite bbq sauce.
-Ready to be served.

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