Monday, May 20, 2013

Banh Khot - Mini Shrimp Pancakes

Today I saw someone made these mini shrimp pancakes and all of a sudden I have a craving for them.  This mean I need to make them ASAP.  It was a good thing that I have all the ingredients at home, and half an hour later, check out what I have? Dinner!  Yummy!

I just love to eat all these little tiny shrimp pancakes with ton of veggies and different kinds of herbs.  You know what's even better? My mints keep coming back every year in my garden. All I had to do was to step into my garden and I have a fresh bunch of fresh mints.  This would be great with lettuce, cilantros, and and pickled carrots and daikon.  All wrap up and dip in lemony, garlic fish sauce.  Gosh..I can't wait to bite into them!

Fresh veggies and herbs (cilantros, mints, and lettuce).
 One whole platter.  Yummy!
 This is how you wrap it and dunk it in garlic, lemony fish sauce.  Delish!  It really hit the spot. LOL.


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