Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mak Kimchi - Napa Cabbage Kimchi

My oldest Sister gave me two Napa Cabbages last week. What to do with two huge cabbages? Obviously, I can't consume all;yet, I don't want them to go bad either. Simple solution to this problem, I am making kimchi!!! Thanks to Maanchi's blog, Mak Kimchi turned out yummy and delicious. Her recipe is quick and very easy to follow. Since I have all the ingredients, it only took me two hours to make this kimchi. Check it out!!!

With only two Napa cabbaages, I made the whole big pot of kimchi. I am going to give some away of course.


Mai Grace said...

That looks amazing! I recently started making kimchi too and I also use Maangchi's recipe! I actually use many of her recipes and they never dissapoint! I wish I could taste this batch you made, it is mouth-watering!!

Zoe said...

Hi Mai,
Yeah..this batch turned out yummy. I had to give some away because I can't eat all of it. :-)