Sunday, November 13, 2011

Early Thanksgiving Dinner

My in-law decided to have an early Thanksgiving this year. Since we had Turkey the previous year, we decided to avoid all the meat and have seafood instead. Then I came up with Thai's hotpot. And they agreed. Not only hot pot are much healthier, but they will warm up your soul as well especially the weather is getting a bit chilly lately.

The whole table of seafood and veggies.

Dipping Sauce

Conchs, shrimps, squids, and baby clams

vermicelli noodles

Mussels and calamari

Talapia and salmon

Baha, tomatoes, pineapples, and silky tofu

I love fish tofu. They are super yummy.


Ready to eat

It's chow time, baby! Care to join us? :-)

And last but not least, mocha cake.

See if you dare to try Durian!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Wishing you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!


Boriville said...

Looks like an awesome dinner =)

anna said...

Oh sweet lord, that looks delicious! I love a good hot pot, but it's just way too much work.