Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vietnamese Doughnut - Ba'nh Tie^u

Ba'nh tie^u was one of my favorite snacks in the morning when I was in Vietnam. My MOM always bought them for breakfast along with soy milk when she went to the food market in the morning. I would wake up early and go with her because I knew she would buy Ba'nh tie^u for me. A few months back I saw the recipe for this, and I want to make them right away. However, I just never have the time to do it until now.

Ingredients: (recipe from Mrs. Apple and Ms. Ma)
2 cups of All Purpose flour
1/4 cup of self rising flour
1 tsp of yeast
1/2 tsp of salt
sesame seeds
oil (for frying)
1 cup of lukewarm water (microwave cold water for 15 second)
1/2 cup of sugar

1. In a small bowl, add 1 tsp of yeast along with 1 tsp of luke warm water. Let the yeast bubble up.
2. In the standing mixer, add the all purpose flour, self rising flour, salt, sugar, and add the lukewarm water slowly while turning the stir level # 4.
3. Let it mix for at least 20 mintues into a soft dough.
4. Take the dough out and put in a clean bowl to prove.
5. Cover and let the dough rest for at least a couple hours in the oven with the oven light on or until the dough is double in size.
6.Take dough out and knead about 6 or 7 times and divide them into 12 portions.
7. Shape each portion into a ball shape and dip them in the sesame seeds on both sides.
8. Coat them with a little extra flour and roll them into flat circles.
9. Pour Canola oil a little bit more than half of the skillet, and turn the skillet to 370 degree.
10. Add the flat dough into the hot oil and it will start to float.
11. Gently use your chopstick and flip them and they will should puff up.
12. Flip them and fry on the other side until golden brown.

Prove the dough for two hours or so in the oven with the oven light on, the dough will look like this.

Divide the dough into smaller portions and roll them into a flat circles.

Dip the sesame seeds on both sides, and roll them into flat circles.

Fry them in the skillet at 375 degree.

They will float and start to puff up like above. Once they turned golden brown, they can be removed from the skillet.

Voila`, See finished product below.

Hubby had four of them after he came home from work, and had two this morning for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe . It's simple and the photos say it all ....
I think I will give it a try very soon .


Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering. Thank you very much for sharing!

sally t. le said...

I love banh tieu! I'll try to make these even though I'm not sure how good they will be.. I'll try to convert the cups to grams and hopefully it will turn out as great as yours. Thanks for the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Eo oi ,Sao Hubby cua you an nhieu the?