Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roasted Pork - Siew Yuk (烧肉)

Recently, I saw many roasted pork recipes floating around the internet. I am not sure why people want to make them at home especially you can get them easily at the Chinese grocery. Therefore, I never care to make it. Last week, I went to the market and found a few really nice pieces of pork belly. Since I was still on vacation and have time to cook, I decided to try out the recipe.

Growing up, roasted Pork, aka known as "siew yuk" in Cantonese was one of my all time favorite dishes . Just one bite into that crispy skin pork belly, and you are in heaven. It's awesome!

This was my first time making it. It turned out perfectly, crispy on the skin and tender on the meat.

Want to try a piece? Delish!

Just check them out.


3 lbs of pork with skin on

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