Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot and spicy rice cake (ddukbokkie)

Last month, my friend took hubby and I to a Korean BBQ buffet. We had so much Korean food, they were yummy. I noticed one of the dish was ddukbokie, hot and spicy rice cake. She told me it's really simple to make. Then last week, I went to a Korean grocery and saw some lady gave out sample of ddubokkie. I had a piece and decided to get all the ingredients and make it. Of course I don't know what goes inside the dish. I sort of have an idea, but not sure exactly. Thanks to Maangchi's blog. I was able to make it. Thanks again, Maanchi. I added some baby clams and shrimp balls since I love seafood.

Yesterday was a perfect weather for this dish. It was so cloudy, and all I want to do is curl myself up in the blanket and sleep. Anyway, I wanted some comfort food. A bowl of this baby, it will warm you up. It's fun to cook different types of food. You should try it.



Cooking Gallery said...

I have never made this myself at home, yours looks like just the ones I normally see in Korean restaurants! Good job :)!

Zoe said...

Well thank you. It was good.