Sunday, November 29, 2009

Surprise Birthday Party for Amy Sis

Yesterday was my sister-in-law's 40th birthday. We planned a surprised birthday party for her. She thought we just have a get-together for a Thai Steamboat dinner. She has no idea that we were throwing her a surprise birthday party. It was a blast!

Check out the beautiful cake

Thai Sea food hot pot

Lẩu Thái - Thai Seafood Hot pot

Fried Fish balls and Pork Fish balls

Poultry inner and quail eggs - Tim heo, Tim gà, Sách Bò và Trứng Chim Cút

Tomatoes, Pineappes, Baby Corns, Scallions, Okra, and Enoki Mushrooms

Mussels, Periwinkles meat, Shrimps, Shrimps balls, ect.

Different kinds of mushroom - King Oyster Mushroom, Enorki Mushroom, and Portabella mushroom.
Vermicelli noodles - Bún Tàu

The whole table

WaterCrest veggies, and Napa Cabbage - Sà lách Son


Ready to eat - Want to sit down and join us?



ch3rri said...

Wow..this is a great hotpot. Thanks for the idea. Yummmmmmm

Zoe said...

It was really good especially in this cold weather. :-)

Kiwi Nguyen said...

Is Norri another way to call Enoki mushroom? Ohhh look at the pix of veggie Yum and Fresh. I love watercrest & nappa :-) You guys sure eat a lot k/d :p

Zoe said...

Thank you for the correction. I think it's enoki mushrooms. I was not sure what the name of that type of mushroom. All I remembered was something Norri :-)