Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hawaii's Vacation in October, 2009

There is no place on earth like Hawaii. Once you are there, it's like a paradise. You want to stay there forever!

Finally, I have a chance to upload my vacation pictures. Coming back home was hard since the weather in Hawaii was so beautiful. We went to so many places in Oahu, Hawaii. We have been to diamond head hike, hanauma bay for snorkeling, paradise cove Luau, Pearl Harbor, China Town, Northshore drive, Waikiki's beach and ton of other beautiful beaches. Also, we took one day tour to see the Volcano at the Big island. Over all, we had a wonderful time. Here is a picture of a hula girl .

This was the view looking out from our Hotel. In Hawaii, it's very normal to see a rainbow.

China Town
Check out all the exotic fruits. They were delicious. I bought logans, Rambutans, star fruits, and other fruits as well.

We had buffet at a Seafood Japanese restaurant, Todai's. It was awesome. They have a variety of dishes. It's $30 buck per person for dinner.

This was my platter. I had King Crabs stir-fry, mussels, slow roasted pork slices, and pepper steak. Steak was good.

My hubby likes sushi. They have ton of fresh sushi. Check out the flying fish eggs on those bad boys. I really need to learn to eat RAW stuff.

Their dessert table was great. We had crepe with fresh fruits and ice cream. It was yummy.

They also have tiramisu, cheese cake, fresh fruits, and flan. Can you imagine we stayed there for two hours? We took our time, and wanted to try everything. We sure enjoyed our seafood buffet. We decided to walk back to our Hotel because we were so full. :-) I can tell you I did not gain any weight since we walked a lot .

Pearl Harbor. It was sad. This is a must place to visit if you are ever in Hawaii.

They built a memorial on top of the ship in memory of all the men who gave their lives on December 7, 1941 on the U.S.S. Arizona.

As you can see, the oil still oozing out from some of the parts. You just have to go there to see it.

We went hiking at the diamond head. By the time I got up to the top, I sweated like a pig. But the view was worth it.

View from top of Diamond Head.

We saw a light house too. Pretty huh?

We went to Hula Grill for breakfast on our first day in Oahu.

I ordered loco moco . This is a local specialty. Basically, it's a block of rice in round shape, top with a piece of hamburger, and a fried egg, and fried shallot? And it was a cream white mushroom sauce. It was alright. I just want to try it so I can say. Uh huh...I had it . I had a loco moco :-) Will I order it again? No.... :-)

My hubby is smart. He ordered Eggs Benedict. It was good. You can't go wrong with Eggs Benedict.

We walked around the strips and found this restaurant. We decided to stop for lunch.

I ordered the big Kahuna which consist a slice of ham, burger, cheese, and pineapple. It was good. Hubby ordered local white fish sandwich. It was awesome too.

You have to try PUKA DOG if you are in Hawaii . It's a must try.

Yummy! I like it.

We went to Big island, and this was the rain Forrest tour.

The next day, we had breakfast at Lulu's. It was awesome. I love this restaurant. The price is decent. The food are good, and the view is beautiful. Our table have the most beautiful view looking out at the Waikiki's beach. It was breathtaking.

Hubby ordered the crab eggs Benedict.

This was lunch at the big island. I had the mahi mahi fried with macadamia nuts. Man...It was mouth watering. I can eat this everyday . Fish was so fresh.

This was still at the big island. They took us to the Japanese Garden.

Then we toured the volcano house. Check out the smoke.

Rainbow water fall. It was great.

I just love flowers. Can you imagine every places we went in Haiwaii, I took a picture of every flowers I saw ? Yes. I am crazy. At least, my hubby think so. :-)

Lilies pond at Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel

Hanauma Bay - Snorkeling place

Turquoise water

Dessert at Paradise Cove Luau

Coconut cake from the Luau

Japanese noodles at International Market Food Court

Garlic Shrimps at Giovanni's shrimp Truck

Condense Milk with red bean shave ice . Yummy!

We had a blast at the Luau. I learned how the hula dance. The food was really good.

Fried Chicken
Kalua Pork - Delicious
Local white fish
Beautiful flower

Waikiki's sunset
Turtle beach
Check out the huge turtle

Sandy Beach
Humpback Whale Sanctuary, North Shore.

China Man's hat, North Shore.

Banzai Pipeline Beach - The place where people have surf competition.


ch3rri said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the water lilies. Hope I can plant some lotus next year.

Zoe said...

I am sure you can. You have a green thumb. If you can grow tropical fruits; you can do anything. I am impressed with all the tropical plants that you have that actually bear fruits.

Kiwi Nguyen said...

You didn't post any in October. Is the reason you enjoyed your time in Hawaii?? I waited for so long and wondered why :-)

Zoe said...

Yeah, I was on vacation in October. Plus when I came back, I was so jet lag. I can't even function :-( . It took me at least 3 days to get back to normal. And it takes me a while to download everything and put together. :-)