Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Gathering

Last minutes, we decided to have a get together with some friends. I made some quick dishes so we have something to munch on . Check them out.

Tortilla chips and salsa dip

Summer rolls with hoisin and peanut sauce

I wanted to make this dish for the longest time. It's shrimps and sweet potato cake. This is a really yummy dish. I love wrapping them with lettuce and ton of fresh herbs. And you dunk it in the lemony garlic fish sauce.

Shrimp and Sweet Potato Cakes Recipe
(Banh Tom Ha Noi)


2 cups Tempura Mix ( I bought at the Korean grocery)

1 1/2 cup water

1/3 cup rice flour

1/4 tsp tumeric powder

2.5 lbs yam or taro (you can use half yam and half taro)

1.5 lbs shrimps (devein)Method:

Sweet Potatoes/Yam/Taro:
-Cut the sweet potatoes /yam/taro into long thin sticks.
-Put the shredded yam/taro into a bowl filled with cold water.
-Add 2 TBSP of salt. And let it sit for 30 minutes.
-After half hour, put all the shredded yam/taro into the salad spinner.
Note: The sweet potatoes have to be dry so they will be crispy when we fry them.

-Raw shrimps peeled and deveined (I like mine peeled. Others leave the shell on.)
-Add a little salt to the raw shrimps, and put aside.

Tempura mix:
-Add tempura mix with rice flour, turmeric powder and water.

-Heat oil in a large frying pan and when it is hot, put in 4 egg poaching rings. If you don’t have the ring, then use two spoons to scoop in the batter into the pan.
-Put several shredded yam into the tempura batter. Fill them about half full with sweet potato, pushing it down. Dip the raw shrimp into the batter and place a shrimp on top of the cake.
-After 1 ½ minutes, carefully remove the poaching rings, but don’t touch the sweet potato cakes at all. When they are cooked in 5 minutes, the bottoms will be golden brown ad crispy.
-Flip them over for another 2 minutes.
-Drain them on the paper towel.
-Serve with fresh herbs and dip with garlic lemony fish sauce.

Enjoy :-)

Corns on the cob with olive oil and scallions

Mixed salad with dressing

Check out the whole table with yummy food

I also made flan, but I forgot to take a picture of it :-)



ICook4Fun said...

Can you share the delicious shrimp recipe with us?

Zoe said...

Check out the recipe for the Shrimp and sweet potato cakes.

Good luck,