Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekend Cooking

I had a day off yesterday, and I was in the mood to cook. Check out the dishes I made.

Ba'nh Be`o (steamed rice cakes)
These are tiny steamed rice cakes. They are served with bits of dried minced shrimps, mung bean, and green onions. And accompanied by fish sauce. Some folks even put fried shallots. I just love the color of this dish.

Two of my nephews came and visited me from California so I asked their MOM to buy me the small plates to make these banh beo. The batter is consist of rice flour, and tapioca flour , a dash of salt, oil, and water. If you want your banh beo come out with indentations in the middle, you have to rest your batter in the fridge overnight. When steam, make sure the heat is high and you want to put the empty molds (small plates) in the steamer for 3 mintues before pouring in the batter.

This was my first time making them. They are delicious. I purposely zoomed in this picture so you can take a closer look.

I was cleaning up my fridge, and found some chicken legs. Therefore, I ended up making sticky rice with shredded chicken and chinese sausgages.

From the last gathering, I bought too many sweet potatoes. I don't want them to go bad so I made another batch of shrimp and sweet potato cakes. I can eat these all day long.

After making another batch of shrimp and sweet potato cakes, I still have 4 sweet potatoes. What to do ...what to do ? You guess it. I made Thai curry chicken. It was so yummy. I had this for lunch today as well.

Here is a bowl for you. :-) It has chicken, taro, sweet potato, and carrot.

This dish goes well with French bread.

For dessert, I made flan.

Usually people like to rest on their day off, but I love to cook. I guess cooking makes me relax.



ICook4Fun said...

Can I come to your house for dinner over the weekend :) I am amazed at everything you cooked. All look so scrumptious and mouthwatering.

Zoe said...

Looks who is talking? You are a great chef as well. I checked out your blogs everyday to see what new on the menu. :-)


Anonymous said...

can I have a recipe of Nem ham chua? If you can , can you send me the recipe to I looked at the picture you had and it is great.