Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weekend cooking

What is more beautiful than when you walked out into your garden in the morning and found the most gorgeous butterfly sitting on your purple flower bush? We just have to capture this moment. Isn't that pretty? :-)

We made another batch of granola bars last week since my hubby loves it so much. It's all gone again. We have to stock up our ingredients before we can make them again.

Last week was my niece's birthday. She is turning 13 so I made a cheese cake for her birthday. It's just simple, but very good.

Her favorite dish is lasagna so I made that for her too.

My sister-in-law gave us a lot of chicken breasts. I decided to make lemongrass chicken with curry and chili. This dish goes well with jasmine rice. It has a wonderful flavor.

Believe it or not, my hubby made this seafood noodle dish for me. All of a sudden I have the urge for it. I gave him the recipe and he made it.

It was yummy too.

Pizzell cookies are so easy to make. My hubby loves them.

Here is a close look at the cookies :-) I am trying to make ice cream cone out of them.


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