Saturday, June 6, 2009

Banh Gio (Steamed Triangular Rice Dumplings)

Banh Gio, a well known snack in Viet Nam. Basically, it's a steamed triangular rice dumpling. I made mine with corn starch flour, quail eggs, and ground pork wrapped in banana leaves. I just learned how to make it today. There are a variety of recipes out there, but I got this recipe from Learntocook.

With one box of corn starch I was able to make 24 of these yummy dumplings.

I really need to practice how to wrap them.

Check out the savory, delicious dumplings. I bet you want to try it huh? :-)

This is what it looks like inside. Of course you will eat this with lemony garlic fish sauce along with all your favorite herbs like mints, cilantro. And a little bit of hot sauce.

Starch flour

Broth uses to mix with the starch flour.

Add Imagefillings - ground pork
fillings - quail eggs and ground pork

Everything is set.

Wrapping these dumplings can be tricky if you never done it before.

Finally, they are ready to be steamed.

They are done.

These dumplings need to put in cold water right away.

Check out the finished products.

Starch mixture:

-1 box of corn starch, about 1lb. I used Argo brand.
- 12 cups of chicken/pork broth
- 1 tsp of salt

- 1 TBS of rock sugar
- 3 TBS olive oil


In a saucepan, combine cornstarch, broth, salt, and olive oil over medium/high heat. Constantly stir the mixture until thickened (approximately 7-10 minutes) and remove from heat.

Pork Filling:

-2 pounds ground pork

-1/8 pound dried or fresh Wood Ear mushrooms (soften, and diced)

-1 teaspoon salt

-1 onion , diced

-4 cloves of garlic, minced

-½ tablespoon black pepper

-2 tablespoons fish sauce

-1 tablesppon of Oyster sauce

-Quail eggs (optional)


Sauté ground pork in a saucepan over medium heat with garlic. Then add the rest of the ingredients except quail eggs. Add mushrooms and onion to pork and cook until pork is well-done.

Assemble the dumplings:

-Twist the banana leave into the cone shape.

-Fill 1/3 of the cone with the starch mixture, followed by a layer of pork, and another layer of the starch mixture.

-Wrap the dumpling into the triangle shape and cover with plastic wrap.

-Steam for 20 minutes.

-Serve with fish sauce along your favorite fresh herbs, and hot sauce.

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