Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Party - Happy Birthday Richard

Sunday was my nephew birthday. We had a bbq party for him. My sister and I made a few dishes, and invited some of our friends over.

Birthday cake

Buffet table
Bo Tai chanh - Vietnamese beef with lemon flavor.

Banh duc

Banh da lon

BBQ chicken and Ribs

Another tray

Bun - noodles

egg rolls

The whole tray

salad with other dishes.

Fruit ice tea

Nem Nuong


More food

Shrimp chips

Xoi - coconut sticky rice with pandan flavor

We have Pinata game for the kids.

They tried so hard to break the pinata with no success.

They kept trying over and over again.

Finally the Pinata was busted. There were ton of candies fell down on the deck. The kids had a blast.

Anymore candies for moi? :-)

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