Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shrimps LoMein and My orchids

Close up.

Feel free to dig in folks. One whole platter.

My orchid bloomed today .

Here is a closer look, pretty huh?

Check out all my orchids.

I can't wait until this orchid blooms.

Here is another beauty.


ava said...


Pretty orchids :)
I also love orchids, but still afraid to buy one ... I need more researching on how to take care of them 1st! Any tips ?


Zoe said...

Thank you. It's not difficult to learn how to care for orchids properly, even if you are just the beginner. You should buy one and try it and see how it goes before you purchase many. You can buy a book about orchid and learn more about them. Also, there are many useful information on-line as well. Don't be scare. There is always the first time of everything right? I remembered the first time I purchased my very first orchid and it did not last long. My hubby used to make fun of me and said "Any plants that I touch will die.”

For me, I just water them one time a week. The location of where you put the orchid is very important. Direct sunlight may cause plants to burn, and too little light will prevent plants from flowering. An ideal location is behind curtains or window blinds.

Hope this help.


ava said...

Thanks Vy! I will definitely try it.
Last time I went to Ikea, they have this very beautiful purple one that I really like, but again, I am a little scared.

FYI, Ikea have flenty of orchid at very cheap price compare to Home Depot and others. Check it out!


Zoe said...

Don't be scare. Like I said there is the first time for everything. I bought my orchid at Ikea and Maxim's . They have very cheap orchids compare to Costco and others.