Monday, March 30, 2009

Vietnamese Beef Stew and other dishes

I have been so busy at work lately that I did not have time to update my blog. Today I am off so I have time to do some cooking.

Check out my purple orchid. Most of my orchids are starting to bloom now. Each day I would just looking forward for each orchid blooms . Call me crazy, but I just love orchid.

Last week asparagus was on sale. We bought some and grilled them along with some seafood for dinner.

Here are grilled scallops, shrimps, and beef with onion.

You can make a whole meal out of it eating with noodle, veggies, and grilled beef and seafood.

Yesterday I bought some yucca. And made Vietnamese dessert out of it. It's yucca with shredded coconut and sesame.

We still have some yucca left, so I made another dessert. Banana, yucca with tapioca and coconut milk.

Vietnamese shaking beef - bo luc lac :-)

This plate just came off the wok. Enjoy!

This morning I feel like making some comfort food. I decided to make Vietnamese beef stew. This is an awesome dish. You eat this with slices of onion, cilantro, chili pepper, and a touch of lime juice. Of course it will go well with French bread as well.

Here is a closer look. After a bowl of this, your body will definitely warm up.

Enjoy! :-)


Quyen said...

Hi Zoe, how are you?

My name is Quyen. I am so happy to find your blog. I have the same background like yours but I'm not as a good cook.

I really enjoyed reading your blog because the foods that you posted are the ones that I am familiar with. Although being a Chinese (Cantonese), I love Vietnamese food so much. I know more about Vietnamese food than Chinese food.

Is it alright that I ask for a recipe if I want to cook something from your post. Thanks for your time. Have a good day.

Zoe said...

I am doing well. Thank you for visiting my blog. Personally, I think Vietnamese dishes are much healthier than Chinese dishes. Plus,my hubby loves Vietnamese food. Therefore, I cooked mostly Vietnamese food.

If you see any dishes you like, feel free to email me. I will do my best to post the recipe.

Have a great day!