Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chinese grated white radish (turnip) cake

I just made another batch of Turnip cake today. My Mother-in-Law showed me how to make them last week. She has been making this dish since she was in Vietnam. In the past, I am not really into cooking and just glad when she made them. My hubby has been eating this since he was a young kid. Traditionally, this cake was eaten at the New Year. I figured it's good to know how to make this so I can make it anytime my hubby wants to eat. Actually, the recipe is quite simple if you ask me. As always, Asian cooking involves a lot of chopping.

After an hour in the steammer, it turned out like this.

The fillings is consist of the following ingredients (chinese sausages, boiled peanuts, dried shrimps, turnip, pork, and chinese mushroom).

Cut each piece about an inch thick and fry them.

Add an egg to it.

The end result look like this.

This is the whole pot of fried turnip/radish cake.

This is another one.

-1 bag of rice flour (bo^.t gao.)
-1/2 bag of tapioca flour (7oz)
-1 small turnip (grated into smaller pieces).
-9 cup of water (depending how you like the texture, you can put 8 cups).
-1 cup of boiled peanut (optional - but it's definitely tastes better with peanut).
-2 Chinese sausage (diced).
-1 cup of chicken or ground pork (diced).
-1 cup of dried shrimp (add hot water to it so they become soft).
-7 Chinese mushroom (diced)
- 5 tbs of sugar
-1 tsbs of salt
-1 TBS of oil
-4 cloves of garlic (minced)
Step A:
1) Add garlic in a pan.
2) Add ground pork/chicken.
3) Add a little bit of salt of sugar.
4) Add grated turnip. And set aside. (Step A)
Step B:
5) Add chinese sausage into the same pan.
6) Add boiled peanut.
7) Add dried shrimp. And set aside. (Step B)
Step C:
8) Add rice flour, and tapioca flour in another non-stick pot. (don't put on the stove yet)
9) add 1 tpsof salt and 5 tbs of sugar.
10) Add 8 or 9 cups of water. Stir well.
11) Put step A & B into the same pot and stir well.
12) Put the non-stick pan on the stove in high heat.
13) Mix together for 3 minutes and turn medium heat.
14) Mix together everything until the texture becomes glue-like.
15) Turn off the heat.
16) Spray oil all over in another pan.
17) Pour in the mixture.
18) Steam for 45-60 minutes.
19) Cool for 30 minutes.
20) Cut and fry
21) Garnish with any herbs (i.e. mints/cilantro, spring onion, ect)
This dish go well with sweet soy sauce or garlic fish sauce.
Good Luck!

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