Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belgian Waffle

We made Belgian Waffles for breakfast this morning. Being lazy on a Sunday morning, we brought the pre-mixed package and followed the direction to mix the batter. You can add any fruits to eat along with your Waffle. We added banana and honey.

Put a small amount of the batter into the waffle iron.

Once the light turned green, your waffle is ready.

Garnish your waffle with anything you like. We garnished them with banana and honey.

1 package of Belgian Waffle Mix
fruits (any fruits you like i.e banana, strawberries)
whip cream (optional)
1. Mix the batter according to the direction on the package.
2. Preheat waffle iron according to manufacturer's directions.
3. Put the recommended amount of waffle batter onto the iron according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
4. Close iron top and cook until the waffle is golden on both sides and is easily removed from iron.
5. Garnish with fruits , honey, and whip cream.
Enjoy your Belgian Waffle with a cup of orange, coffee or tea .
Bon Appetit !

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