Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vietnamese Crepes - Bánh Xèo (sizzling crepes)

My sister made Vietnamese crepes yesterday for the whole family. This is a very popular dish in Vietnam. It is made chiefly of rice flour, turmeric and cornstarch. This crispy-chewy Vietnamese crepe - filled with pork, shrimp, straw mushrooms and mung beans. There are many ways of eating this dish. One way is take a piece of lettuce roughly the size of your palm and place a piece of the crepe inside . Then you can add cucumber slices and all sort of herbs. Then use your fingers to bundle it up, then dunk it into the into a bowl of fish sauce spiked with lime, garlic and chile. Another way is to put the crepe on the plate, and then cut all the herbs, and lettuce into small pieces. And then pour the garlic, lemony dipping sauce over the plate. My hubby prefers this way better so he doesn't have to mess with his hands.

This is a typical platter of Vietnamese crepe with various type of herbs. And it is served with garlic, lemony flavor fish sauce. See below.


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