Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ngày Đầy Tháng/ A Celebration Of Peanut’s First Month

We had a one month celebration for Peanut yesterday.  It was so crowded with over sixty people of family and friends.  It's an occasion where friends can meet the baby for the first time.  Below are some of the food we served at the party.

Offering for our ancestors

 Roasted Pork

Chopped Roasted Pork

Egg rolls & Summer rolls

Pandan flavor with shredded coconut sticky rice, sweet steamed corns and payapa beef jerky Vietnamese salad

sweet corns

Long line - People lined up to get food.


Fruit Platter

Pandan and coconut milk Vietnamese Jelly

Che 3 mau

banh phong tom - shrimp chips

food table

more food

1 con heo quay - 1 whole roasted pig


bumble bee said...

mừng đầy tháng bé wishes !!!

Chôm Chôm said...

Congrats, Truc Vy!