Saturday, December 24, 2011

Express Christmas Fruitcakes

I never had fruit cake before. Therefore, I did not even think that one day that I would make them. But this year, thanks for Maritza, she made it so easy. Below are the result of my hard labor.

Not only they looks good, but tasted awesome as well. I got great feedbacks! Definitely, this recipe is a keeper.

I added some almond flakes on top to make them look more interesting.

All set and ready to wrap up and deliver to my team at work.

Voila`. Check out the finished product.

Ingredients : From Maritza
2 box Duncan Hines cake mix - Golden butter brand
7 eggs Large or 6 Jumbo
1cup and a half of water
2 1/2 sticks salted butter
1/2 lbs nuts (Walnuts or Pecan or mixed )
1lb 1/2 fruit mixed ( i added rum and leave it overnight)
2 cups All Purpose flour

peach jam (use to brush on top of cake)
Rum - use to brush all over cake. If you like less rum, then use the rum syrup recipe below.

Rum Syrup:
1 cup of Rum
1/2 cup of sugar
1 cup of water

1. In a standing mixer, use the paddle and beat the eggs, butter, cake mix and flour (2 min).
2. Add in the fruit mixed and then nuts
3. Spray your moulds with oil and fill in the batter (each mould filled up to 6.7 oz)
4. Bake 300 degree F for an hour
5. Immediately brush rum all over the cake
6 Brush peach jam on top of the fruitcake
7. Add green/red cherries and pecan on top of the cake

Note: if you filled the batter up to 6.7 oz per mould, this recipe will give you about 16 fruitcakes.

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