Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coffee Macarons

Today is my niece, Andrea's birthday. I made some coffee macarons for her. They came out perfectly.

One taste of these suckers, and you will be soooo awake. The filling is quite strong with coffee flavor.

Check out the perfect shells.

I added a few black sesame seeds to make them look for interesting.

I just can't stop eating them. Help me!!!!

For the shell, I used the same ingredients below.


4 oz of coffee mascarpone cheese (the one used especially for tiramisu)

2 tablespoons instant coffee

Let mascarpone cheese cool to room temperature. Then, mix the 2 ingredients together with a spoon until they totally combine into a smooth mixture. Transfer the filling to a piping bag and pipe onto the macaron shells. Then sandwich the macaron with the other shells


The Yellow Yolk said...

can you please put up the recipe for this? been wanting to know how to make them since forever!!

Zoe said...

Okay. I just posted the recipe. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!