Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cake Pops

I have seen many folks making cake pops, and I always wanted to make them. The only thing I am missing is the mould. Last week, I finally got it from Bed Bath & Beyond. I told my nieces and nephews about it, and they were so excited. Yesterday, we got together and they had ton of fun putting these suckers together.

Not only it's fun to have the kids make them , but it's also a bonding momments you will have together with your kids.

This will give them an opportunity to be creative as well.

Check out some of the creations that they put together!

Plain cake pops came just came out from the oven.

Aren't they adorable? :-)

We decided to make cup cakes too.

Here you go. All of them.

Yeah!!! Check them out!

All wrapped up and divided evenly among the kids. Look like we need to make some more. All gone!

This was super fun .

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