Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cha Ca Thang Long (HaNoi Style Sizzling Tumeric Fish with Dill)

As you know I have not been cooking for a while. Not sure what it is, but I have not been in the mood to cook. These days, I just try to put something easy together and call it "dinner". I know it's time for me to go back to real cooking when I saw this dish. Cha Ca Thang Long is one of my favorite, aka, Hainoi style turmeric fish with dill. I made this dish before but I used monk fish instead which i did not like that much.

As you can see below, this dish is accompany with a plate of noodles, banh da (vietnamese sesame rice cake), a platter of herbs, a bowl of garlic lemony fish sauce, roasted peanuts and of course slices of sweet onion, scallions, and dill.

The turmeric gives this fish a nice bright yellow color.

I used George Forman grill to cook the fish.

The olive oil, dill, onion, scallion, and turmeric gave this dish a wonderful flavor.

Here is a platter for hubby and I . He loved it so much and had three bowls for dinner. :-)



3 lbs of fish (cod, halibut or talapia)
bunch of dill
bunch of scallion
2 sweet onion
banh da (Vietnamese sesame rice cake)

Marinade sauce:
2 Tb of fish sauce
pinch of salt & pepper
3 tsp of turmeric powder
3 tsp of minced garlic (minced some more for frying the scallion, onion, and dill)
3 tsp of white portion of scallion
3 tsp of galangal
3 tsp of ginger
3 tps of sugar
3 tsp of mam ruoc (vietnamese fermented shrimp paste)
generous amount of olive oil

-Vietnamese mints
-Vietnamese coriander (rau ram)
-Vietnamese perilla (tia to)
-pickled carrots.

1) Marinade the fish and the sauce for 1-2 hours.
2) Grill the fish in george forman grill, and put aside.
3) In another pan, add olive oil and minced garlic.
4) Add in the slices of onion, scallion, and dill (veggies dish)
5) Pour over the veggies dish over the grilled fish.
6) Serve with noodles, herbs platters, peanuts, and lemony fish sauce.


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TV, your blog so nice, nhieu fơod qua' ăn ho?ng hê't . btw, ki'm nho? hong ra nen đanh do đay gõ may loi ne, nhơ' ghe' do nha, we are all in there . Hope to sêe you too . EL