Friday, July 30, 2010

My Garden - Part II

Ever since I came back from vacation, I have been so busy. I know I have been neglecting my garden for a while now. Today, I have a day off so I already made up my mind that I will work on my garden. I really need to add more fertilizer to my fruit trees, and vegetable plants.

It's great to get in touch with nature once in a while. I spotted a bee.

Here is another one.

Mr. Bee landed on one of the white flower in my garden.

Wow! Check out my persimmon.

Water Spinach

Yellow Butterfly
Close up
Black butterfly

I forgot the name of this plant.

I just found out it's called Plectranthus_amboinicus (Cuban oregano, Spanish thyme, Orégano Brujo (Puerto Rico), Indian Borage, Húng chanh (Vietnam), Mexican thyme, or Mexican mint). According to one site on the internet, the leaves have also had many traditional medicinal uses, especially for the treatment of coughs, sore throats and nasal congestion, but also for a range of other problems such as infections, rheumatism and flatulence.

Found another one this morning. This one is ripe.

Bitter melon is growing nicely.

Chilli peppers

cherry tomatoes

I picked some this morning because they are ready to be eaten. Organic baby!!!

Check them out

Some sort of squash^u` or Bi' . I can't tell :-) LOL.

more of them are coming out.

Cute huh?

My Asian pear tree
This year my pear tree has more fruits compare to last year. Last year it only has 5 pears.

closer look. I can't wait to taste them.

more pears

persimmon tree
Last year, my persimmon tree has no fruit at all.

We have ton this year, and they are organic!!!

Each day some of them will fall on the ground :-(


Create. Snap. Eat. said...

How lovely! And persimmons! So delicious. Hopefully you will have a good yield.

Zoe said...

Yeah...I can't wait to taste them :-)

krissy @ said...

your garden is beautiful! you have so many plants! glad to see another fellow blogger who is a green thumb. i really want to grow persimmons but my husband isnt a fan of that fruit. i think i will get it anyway! haha.

Anonymous said...

that herb as i can tell from the pic is sage. great garden!

Zoe said...

I love your garden as well. I always want to grow the lemon tree, but did not have the time. Also, your lettuces look awesome. Yes. Go ahead and buy the Persimmon tree.LOL:-)