Monday, August 3, 2009

Vietnamese Broken Rice with Grilled Pork - Cơm tấm

Have you ever had broken rice before? What is broken rice you might ask? Well, they are fractured rice grains. Cơm tấm usually served with thinly sliced of grilled pork with various pickled vegetables along with sliced cucumbers, sliced tomatoes and fish sauce.

My hubby has been asking me to make this for weeks now. Finally, I made it. He sure enjoyed dinner tonight.

Grilled pork.



ch3rri said...

Mmmmm...looks better than the restaurant. Making me hungry.

Didi said...

I've not heard of broken rice. Does it taste crispy? like rice that is slightly grilled from the bottom of Korean rice bowls.

Zoe said...

Thank you Ch3rri.

No. It does not taste crispy. It's just soft like regular rice.