Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pear Drinks

Today I went over to my Mom's house. She asked me to take some pears home because she has so many of them and they are all over her garden. I have a lot of fruits at home. Therefore, i only want to take the small pears home so I can make drinks out of it. Pear drinks with rock sugar is also another way to counter body heat especially during Summer. I really need to boil them . Here is the whole pot.

It's ready. It's a good drink for Summer.

I picked so many of them . Check them out.

It was so much fun this morning picking pears at my MOM's house. I did get some mosquito bites as I was picking the pears. But it was fun though.

These pears are very juicy and sweet. It's good to make drinks out of them since they are so not that big in size.

small pears - a lot (~20 small pears)
3 - 4 liters water
Rock sugar (I used a small size of rock sugar since I don't like it too sweet.)
1) Wash all the pears, and slice them into small pieces.
2) Bring water and pears to boil, and simmer for 1 hour.
3) Add in the rock sugar and simmer until rock sugar melts.
4) Serve hot or cold.


Anonymous said...

thats looks good do you have any like citrusy ice tea recipes? I eed something for a nice BBQ.

Zoe said...

Thank you. citrusy ice tea? Actually, I do have one. This is mixed fruits ice tea. See the recipe below.

-Buy any Lipton ice tea mixed.
-Follow direction on the box to mix ice tea. They will tell how many cups of water and how much tea you need.
-cut organge and lemons into slices. Freeze it.

-cut any fruits you like (i.e. peach, apples, pears) into slices and freeze them too.

-put the ice tea in the pitcher/ a punch bowl.
-add all the frozen fruit into the bowl.
-serve cold.


Issi said...

Like you I am Chinese born in Vietnam. My parents are Tiu Trau. My mom can speak Cantonese, Tieu Trau and Vietnamese. My dad speaks all three plus Mandarin and English. As for me, I speak mostly Vietnamese and English and very little of Cantonese. I didnt' know you live in Maryland. I live in Stafford, VA and I have a cousin in Maryland. We have two persimmon trees that have no fruits. They start to have some but then die. Your mom has a great green thumb. I wish my trees have persimmons this year that I can eat and share with you.