Friday, July 4, 2008

Dong Gua Tang (Winter Melon Soup)

My friend, Ji, gave me a piece of Winter Melon. Honestly, I don't really know how to cook it. While surfing the internet, I found this recipe from Lily's collection. I made a little of modification to suit my own taste. It turned out great. Thank you Lily.

Instead of scallops, I used chicken balls that I still have left in the freezer. I am too lazy to go grocery just to get all the ingredients and make soup. Therefore, I used what I have in my fridge. As for the white fungus, I only have one piece left which my MOM gave me last month. I also used it in this recipe. Then I garnished the soup with cilantros and pepper. This is a very light and good soup recipe.

This is the whole pot. I think we still have some for tonight :-)



Lily's Cooking Colection said...

Hi Vy,
I folowwing the link from your comment here ..... Wow .... you have a nice blog too ... Vay. ma` hong cho Lily xem nhen :0

This soup , If Vy like to cook with meat just put (meat and donqua ) without eggs . ( An se giong bi' minh nau canh vay )

Nice to meet you ....:0


Zoe said...

Thank you Chi. Lyly. Thanks again for the tip on how to cook the soup Vietnamese style :-)

Nice to meet you too!