Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pandan Flavor Pizzelle cookies

I bought a Pizezelle cookies maker from Amazon.com last month. Check out the link below.


There is a recipe book in the box. However, I don't like anything too sweet. Therefore, I cut out half of the sugar, and I put my favorite Pandan Leaves flavor. And voila`, I got myself a box of cookies. Most Asian folks use Pandan flavor just like American folks use Vanilla flavor.


kpstarlite@yahoo.com said...

I've been searching all over for the Pandan waffle recipe. You have no idea. My problem is 2 fold: [1] I don't have the recipe [2] I don't know where to buy pandan (be it flavoring, paste, or its leaves). I would be so grateful if you can send me the recipe and suggest places I can buy pandan.

Zoe said...

When you said "Pandan waffle recipe" do you mean the samething that I made? They are considered pizzelle cookies as compare to waffles. Also, for the pandan leaves or paste/exract, you can buy it at any Asia markets. I found mine at at Vietnamese grocery store.