Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

We had a dinner buffet at my parent's house on Father's Day. There were a lot of yummy food. I made the Vietnamese WaterChestnut flour cake, and Baby Back Ribs. And the rest of the food are from my siblings. Each of them brought a dish. Check them out.

This is the whole table.

This is a combination dish. It has a variety of different kind of meat braised with five spice powder, soy sauce, and brown sugar.

Fruit Platter

Roasted pork with steam noodles.

Chicken breasts baked with mushroom and red sauce

A simple Chinese brocolli and regular brocolli stir-fry with ginger and a little bit of oyster sauce.

I made these ribs. They were tender and the meat almost fall off the bones.

WaterChestnut flour cake garnish with dry shrimps, chinese sausages, chinese sarsui, fried shallots, and scallions. We use this with lemon fish sauce.

And last but not least, Abalone stir-fry with Chinese mushroom and green mustard.



vipin said...


I can not comment on all the dishes as I am a veggie :(

But the fruit platter looks more than awesome and delicious.

I really like the beautiful lilly flower too.


Zoe said...

Namaste Vipin,

Kaisi ho? :-) It's okay. You don't have to comment on all the dishes. You are missing out a lot since you are a veggie. Maybe next time I will cook more veggie dishes. Thank you for stopping by by web page.

Aapka din Mangalmay ho!


Vipin said...

I have to say, even I dont use those typical Hindi words...

Hats Off to the Chef.....

May be we have to convince someone to atleast learn some words of beautiful language... :)

Zoe said...


Jenny said...

Hi Zoe
can you please post the recipe for the ribs? the picture looks so good and i want to try it.


Anonymous said...


I salivated at the picture of your yummy looking Vietnamese BBQ ribs. Are they pork? You mentioned they were very tender & almost fell off the bone. How do you get them to cook this way as whenever I cook mine, they turn out quite tough. I notice there is no recipe posted for this dish, can you please give me yours?

Zoe said...

Jenny & Anonymous,
below is the recipe i used for my BBQ ribs.

Good luck,