Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bouncing Chicken balls Soup Noodles

Chicken leg was on sale yesterday. Instead of making roasted chicken, fried chicken, or braised chicken, I thought it would be better to make something different. I got this recipe from one of my on-line pal. She made this a few days ago. It looks quite interesting so I decided to make it.

One whole pot of bouncy crunching chicken balls. Simply delish!

There was some chicken paste left over, so I fried it. They are tasty, and the color is just beautiful huh?

This soup can be served with big rice stick noodles, lime , chili pepper, sate sauce, onion, and scallions.

Of course, the soup would not be complete with some bouncing delicious chicken balls which I made from the chicken legs.

You can add Bean sprouts, and whatever veggies that you like. For me, the only thing I got at home is mints, mushroom, and chives. Therefore, I used them. Check it out. Yummy or what?

5 lbs chicken legs (deboned and cut into bite size)
5 TBS fish sauce
7TBS cornstarch
1 small bag of baking powder
1 ts salt
t ts of pepper
3 TB sugar
5 garlic cloves
1/2 of a small white onion
1TB shredded lemongrass
3TB olive oil
a little bit of soy sauce
Noodles: White stick noodles (need to boiled with a pot of hot water)
Condiment: Sate sauce or soy sauce with chilli pepper
Served with : Bean Sprouts, chives, slices of big onion, small pieces of scallions, cilantros, chilli peppers, Banana flowers, ect (Whatever you like).
Cut the chicken into bite size, dry them with paper towels. Add all the ingredients above into the chicken. And leave it in the refregerator overnight. In the morning, use the food processor and pulse the marinated chicken a few times. Then put the ground chicken meat in the freezer for 2 hours. Use the standing mixer and mixed it for at least an hour or so. This way the chicken meat will be bouncy and not soft. Afterward, put it back in the refregerator for another hour before you start making chicken balls out of them.
For the chicken bones, you can use that to cook chicken soup. You can add more pork bones in there also as you wish. Or you can buy the chicken soup in the store that already made. I like to use the bones better. Then add a few rock sugar, salt, one big white onion, and some of the heads of the scallion in the pot. And voila`, you got yourself a pot of chicken noodles soup.

Try it. i am sure you will like this dish.

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Issi said...

I will definitely want to make these chicken meat balls. Do you have a recipe for bo` vien.