Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday Breakfast

Today is my hubby's birthday. I made a healthy breakfast for him. This pancake has jack fruit, strawberries, and banana fillings. And top with syrup and more fruits.

I still have some flowers left from the graduation last week. I did not know they would last that long. Cool huh?

My home made fruits pancake.

Do you like my garnish? :-)

Happy Birthday, Hubby!!! :-)

I did not have any pancake batter at home so I came up with this recipe.


pancake batter
1 cup of cake mix (I used yellow cake mix since I have this at home.)
1/4 cup of All Purpose flour
1/4 cup of rice flour
1 egg
some water

any fruits you like. I used jackfruit, strawberries, and banana

Garnish: Again use any fruits you like.
orange slices, kiwi, banana, pear and flowers

Maple syrup

1. In a pan, add some butter
2. Pour in the batter
3. Add in the filings, and let it sit for 2 min or 3
4. Flip to the other side, and let it sit for a few mins
5. Take it out and put on the plate.
6. Garnish your platter
7. Drizzle with maple syrup
8. Done


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